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Cheap Prague Flats, Room Shares, and Dorms.

Dwayne, of F.D.R. Company, has joined the flatshare market in Prague with the goal of providing a great combination of flats and customer service.
Dwayne has over 10 years of business experience here in Prague, as well as over 20 years of business experience in the United States in many different fields. We are expanding our business everyday and have new flats to offer on a regular basis as well.

Dwaynes impressive portfolio includes some of Prague's premiere locations
including, but not limited to the Historic and Beautiful Praha 1, Praha 2, and Praha 3
areas which allow easy access to not only Prague Castle, Clock Tower, and Charles Bridge,
but also the local shops, pubs, restaurants  and markets that offer authentic Czech goods,
foods, and drinks that have gone virtually unchanged throughout history, and for which
Prague is famous. Between my partners and I, we have a property for you.
I'm sure we also have a property near your school or place of employment if the historic
districts are not what you need. Special Discounts apply to TEFL Students and BlueLink employees and
it doesn't matter if it's short term housing or long term housing, we have a cheap flatshare (as in
inexpensive) housing solution to offer you here in Prague.

The wonderful mass transit system of Metros, Trams, and buses make anywhere in the city
only minutes away, without the hassle of automobile rental or ownership.
All of the properties are close to a transportation stop or hub.  
While we do occasionally use an agent, it is rare, and even then, there are never any
agent fees paid by you. We try to handle all the tenants and properties in-house.
If Dwayne can't handle your needs personally, he will assign a trusted
colleague to work with you under his supervision within our own office.
We believe that the personal touch allows us to custom fit you to a property that
meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations.

We are known for quality service, and accommodations within a reasonable budget.
Because of this, and our reputation as trustworthy and honest businessmen, we are highly
regarded not only among our tenants, but property owners as well. Our friendly and
exceptional service sets us apart from all the others, who can't meet our extensive
resources and great relationships we are building within the community.

So, give us a chance to make your stay in Prague an easy, flexible, and cost effective one in
this beautiful and wonderfully historic city.

If you would like to find out more about the rooms we have available for you, please feel
free to click on some of the pictures (of those available now) and then fill in the form
in the CONTACT section to the left and we will contact you using your preferred method of
contact to show you the ones that are available during the time of your stay.

If however you are simply opposed to a few questions, or questionnaires, and you wish to
speak to  Dwayne, or one of his sales representatives directly to learn why we
have been trusted with the management of some of Prague's most valuable properties, you can
simply call us directly. (Keep in mind the time differences.)  :)

We would love to hear from you by e-mail at:
fdrproperties.prague.sales@Gmail.com or
you can call my cell phone at: +420/ 775 163 323

We understand the needs of today's tenant, and we want to meet your needs.

If you prefer to avoid International or Long Distance calls, you can use Skype as well.
Skype ID for Dwayne is: fdrcompany if you prefer this method.

Country Code +420/ 775 163 323
Skype: fdrcompany
PayPal payments accepted at: fdrpaypal@gmail.com
Send an E-mail to: fdrproperties.prague.sales@gmail.com

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